Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.


Emotional & Mental Health Support: for Self Help Strategies from Dr. Reid Wilson

highly recommend this website to most of my clients, have a journal ready to take notes, take the Self Assessment, then scroll to the bottom to click on links to learn coping skills and strategies to help with each one you checked in the assessment. ​(be careful to limit your time to 15-30 minutes or the links can consume much of your time, take it slow and practice the skills.)

Parenting: Even if you don't is about CALMING the world, one relationship at a time. Based on the NY Times Best Seller...Screamfree Parenting by Hal Runkel. I have been certified to facilitate the series, please contact me if you are interested in a Parenting Class/Support Groups.

Marriage, Couples, Teens...this is good for any age...a good place to begin: Highly recommend the book!

Support Groups:

Grief and Loss: free support groups then go to the box on the right to click for anonymous self assessment... ~if a loved one was lost due to suicide. There is a free support group at Transitions Life Care in Raleigh  

Find a Support Group: Co Dependent? 

Celebrate Recovery Alcoholics Anonymous or is a loved one an alcoholic? Narcotics Anonymous or is a loved one addicted? Survivors of Incest 

divorce support groups and divorce care for kids support group

Spiritual Health: 

I highly recommend Yoga and love Jheni Solis's book 

Be Still 

The music of Tim Janis is relaxing and therapeutic! Watch his many youtube videos of nature with his soothing music and I love his latest album Celtic Heart. 

Offer Christian Counseling upon request...  for resources

Physical Health: 

Fresh air, sunshine, take walks, be out in nature...I love pilates, yoga, and have a rebounder in our living room in front of the TV...instead of being a couch potato. : ) 

Good nutrition effects us in every area of our health... please read the research on (please get your Vitamin D level checked) 

Social Health:    Laughter is the Best Medicine!

Spend time with family, friends, make new friends...attend group activities, 'meet ups' (healthy ones!)Take a class, learn a new hobby with others. Go on dates with your loved one! Networking...building relationships.

My private practice does not accept liability for information obtained in the websites that are linked to this website, they are for more information only. Thank you for visiting this site, take good care...

Tanya J. Guinn, LPC BC-TMH

Licensed Professional Counselor

CDC & School Counselor K-12